Banners & Senior Posters


Great changes are happening with our beautiful Banners and Senior Posters! The banner sizes are 36" x 72" and 24" x 60", both at a lower price point. We are now offering packages that include; a banner and senior poster, a banner and high-resolution download of the photo used for the banner, or the Trifecta which is a package of all 3 products! 

You may also inquire via email for the pricing and additional details.

We have had entire teams or just seniors display their banners in the main gym at the high school for the entire season or for senior night on the fences at the sports fields. Please click here to see some examples of the banners on display.


Premium Vinyl Banners
36x72 Pierce copy36x72 Pierce copy Nolan Perry #2 copyNolan Perry #2 copy Ellie Logsdon #2_FINAL copyEllie Logsdon #2_FINAL copy Bryce Boylen #27 copyBryce Boylen #27 copy


Banner + Senior Poster

36x72 Landen Ritchie36x72 Landen Ritchie 2015 Baseball Senior Poster copy2015 Baseball Senior Poster copy
Banner + High Resolution Digital Download

Kendra Delgado #11 copyKendra Delgado #11 copy 2023 Kendra Delgado #11 copy2023 Kendra Delgado #11 copy

Trifecta: Banner + Senior Poster + High Resolution Digital Download

24x60 Abbie Andrews24x60 Abbie Andrews 2023 XC Seniors2023 XC Seniors XC Banners 9-7-23 D1353XC Banners 9-7-23 D1353