Jodi Richards

I am the owner and lead photographer of JK Richards Photography. I now reside in Peoria, Arizona but have the wonderful pleasure of dual-state photography in Arizona and Illinois. 

I am an artist and photographer.  I’ve had a love of art from the time I picked up my first crayon.  During my elementary and high school years I journeyed into drawing, painting, ceramics, sculpture and photography. I studied fine art, graphic design and photography at Bradley University and American Academy of Art. 

I had the good fortune of being mentored by an amazing, international photographer, Nels Akerlund of Nels Akerlund Photography.  He opened my world up to new experiences and new techniques.  His spirit and expertise gave me the courage and the wisdom to take my photography to new and exciting heights. 

Through my photographs, you will be drawn into a story about a person, a place or a moment in time.  Though I photograph anything from abstract to landscape, I am captivated by the human face and form, whether quiet and at peace, or in the fast moving action of life.

Please be sure to visit my Art Photography where you may purchase decorative prints of my artistic side of life!