JK Richards Photography has a special relationship with the Genoa Kingston School District. We strive to provide valuable services and philanthropic events for the Athletic and Band Departments.

We also have the GKHS Sports and Band Exhibit, an amazing display of sports and band prints that grace the main hallway of the high school.

The GKHS Marching Band is in the Events & The Arts gallery.

NEW Sports Composites Now Available!

GK Band and Sports Action Photography, GKHS Sports and Marching Band Exhibit, Attitude Posters - A charitable contribution service/product, Sports Program Centerfold Spread - A charitable contribution service, GK Button Day - A charitable contribution event, Banners and Senior Night Posters

As respects to Free Shipping that we have always offered to the Genoa-Kingston community, we cannot offer this courtesy at this time. Free Shipping has always meant pickup at Genoa Kingston High School. Due to COVID19 restrictions at school, order pickup is not possible at this time. We will resume Free Shipping as soon as the restrictions are lifted. Thank you or your understanding!
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