Free shipping is only available for Genoa-Kingston Sports, Band or related events during the school year.

Free Shipping only applies to 11x14 or smaller prints. Please use Coupon Code FREESHIPSTUDIO in your cart and your prints will be dropped off a GKHS, Maria Miranda's desk. You will be notified by JK Richards Photography when your order is available for pickup.

JK Richards Photography has a special relationship with the Genoa Kingston School District. We strive to provide valuable services and philanthropic events for the Athletic and Band Departments.

GKHS Sports and Band Exhibit is an amazing display of sports and band prints that grace the main hallway of the high school.

GKHS Marching Band is in the Events & The Arts gallery.

NEW Sports Composites Now Available!

Attitude Posters - A charitable contribution service/product, Sports Program Centerfold Spread - A charitable contribution service, GK Button Day - A charitable contribution event, Banners and Senior Night Posters