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We are offering a new product called Sports Composites! These composites give you the ability to highlight your favorite athlete with 4 amazing sports photos along with a customized title. There are 2 designs and 3 sizes being offered: 12x18, 16x24 and 20x30.

Storm Clouds - Features 4 photos with the athlete in full color and the background in black and white. The background of the main photo is of a stormy sky and the 3 inset photos are of the actual background that appears with the athlete.

Full Color - Features 4 photos with the athlete and the background in full color in the nature setting that appears in each photo.


Keep this window open to help you with the ordering process

  1. Navigate to the Sports menu and choose Genoa Kingston H.S. 
  2. Navigate to the gallery you wish to use. Choose the main photo, click on Buy or Click on the Shopping Cart if you are on your mobile phone.
  3. Go to the "Packages" category by either scrolling down the list of products or clicking on "Visit Shop" to find the Sports Composites.
  4. Choose the option and size you wish to purchase. You will need to add each photo (the main photo and the 3 insets) in the package template and then add to cart.
  5. Once in the cart you will add under "Instructions" under the main photo, the team and full name of the athlete. PLEASE DO NOT CROP PHOTOS IN CART. We will crop them to fit the design as needed. 
  6. You will receive a proof of the finished poster to approve before printing.

Storm Clouds
    Storm Clouds CompositeStorm Clouds Composite        

Full Color 
   Full Color CompositeFull Color Composite