JK Richards Photography together with Mike Milinac, graphic designer, produce Team Attitude Posters. These posters are a fun and unique way to commemorate the sports teams while also raising money for GKHS.  


We must receive a minimum per team to proceed with the poster

  • Teams smaller than 10:  Minimum of 6 pre-orders 
  • Teams of 10-12: Minimum of 8 pre-orders
  • Teams of 12 or larger: Minimum of 10 pre-orders

We will not photograph a team unless the minimum pre-orders are met. Once your team has enough orders, we will photograph the team with 2-3 poses including a fun pose. The posters will be designed, and an online link will be provided to view to the different poses so you may choose your favorite(s).

Please visit the Completed Attitude Posters from previous seasons for those teams that participated.

Use this order form to pre-order a poster for the current sports season Current Attitude Poster Order Form

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